Flight Attendant

  • Employment Type:Full Time
  • Monthly Salary:12,000 – 19,999 AED
  • Benefits:Visa, Medical Insurance, Housing, Transport, Annual Air Ticket
  • Minimum Work Experience:0-1 Years
  • Minimum Education Level:N/A
  • Listed By:Employer
  • Company Size:501-1000 Employees
  • Career Level:Junior
 Females Only.


Make sure that first-aid kits and other emergency equipment are aboard and in working order and that the passenger cabin is in order, with adequate supplies of food, beverages, and blankets.

As passengers aboard the plane, flight attendants greet them, check their tickets, and tell them where to store coats and carry-on items.

Before the plane takes off, flight attendants instruct all passengers in the use of emergency equipment and check to see that seat belts are fastened, seat backs are in upright positions, and all carry-on items are properly stowed.

Lead, or first, flight attendants, known as pursers, oversee the work of the other attendants aboard the aircraft, while performing most of the same duties.

Working conditions:

Because we operate around-the-clock, year-round, flight attendants may work nights, holidays, and weekends.

Attendants may be away from their home base at least one-third of the time; during this period, the airlines provide hotel accommodations and an allowance for meal expenses.

Flight attendants must be flexible, reliable, excellent appearance and willing.

Almost all attendants start out working on reserve status or on call.

The combination of free time and discount airfares provides flight attendants the opportunity to travel and see new places. However, the work can be strenuous and trying.

Flight attendants stand during much of the flight and must remain pleasant and efficient, regardless of how tired they are or how demanding passengers may be.

Occasionally, flight attendants must deal with disruptive passengers.

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